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Rice Whitener entails advanced techniques for whitening of brown rice. It uses the vertical coarse grinding wheel and follows top to bottom working principle.

The rice is whitened gently between grinding wheel & screen without distorting the original shape of the rice kernel. These are installed with silicon carbide wheels to reduce the breaking of grains during the whitening process. A specially designed aspiration system takes away the bran produced during the whitening process. This vertical rice whitening machine is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting the degree of whiteness. The accurate & precise assembly techniques ensure lowest broken content.


♦ Designed for superior output of whitened rice with decreased percentage of broken rice

♦ Provides uniform whiteness of all grains

♦ Mounted with a different type of manometer for accurate control of chamber pressure

♦ Capable of handling raw, steamed and parboiled rice

Los Angeles

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