Los Angeles


To manufacture products that are not only of exceptional quality, highly innovative and minimize the process of loss but also help us take a step to a sustainable environment. With the growing global populations, living standards improve and the demand for nutrition increases, we at Sona Foods are ready for that.


With a commitment to serve the best quality, we build trust bridges with both online and offline support. Customer-first is our brand proposition that helps maintain timeless relationships.


At Sona Foods, we thoroughly engage with the employees to train and develop their skills. This not only helps them succeed at work but helps them maintain a healthy personal life also. Our employees are the functional unit of Sona Food’s success.


We are a team of highly ambitious people who believe in delivering result-driven performance. Since the company has been started, we have only worked towards being better than yesterday.


We believe in following a routine to deliver the best services and products to our customers. With a healthy mindset and to deliver the best, we have 100% customer satisfaction.


To deliver high-end quality products is embedded in our DNA. Quality has been the core driving force of Sona Foods since 1995. With a lot of competition in the market, our quality has made us shine in the crowd.

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