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De Stoner facilitates the removal of stones and other foreign particles from grains by separating impurities based on of their densities. This machine performs based on the density difference by adjusting the aspiration system. De stoners can be used to segregate the granular products where the particles are approximately the same size but, differ in weight.

It efficiently removes a small amount of heavy material from a larger quantity of light material. These are designed to have a long operational life and are installed with closed circuit dust aspiration systems and lighting systems to enable easy viewing of the components of the equipment.


♦Separation based on density

♦Adjustable table inclination and air volume of the machine

♦Provided with close circuit dust aspiration system

♦Fitted with imported vibro-motors for long life and low noise operation

♦Fine cleaning de-stoning tray for perfect grain separation

♦Efficient in preventing breakage of rice and grain processing

♦Perfect for final cleaning of grain before packaging

♦Fully enclosed compact system

♦Power Saving

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